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JKM Swimschool

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Iveshead School

(Previously Hind Leys College)

Forest Street


LE12 9DB

Friday and Saturday afternoons, weekly classes and private lessons with an all female team.

Friday 1.30-6pm 

Parent and baby/toddler sessions run at 1.30pm. Learn through songs and play in a friendly supervised area.

Pre school classes 2pm. Independant children from 2 and half years old. learning through play and songs.

Rookie lifeguard 5pm, come and learn the skills not only to save your life but to save others. Ran through the RLSS scheme, inc first aid and rescue skills.

Stages 1 of the National teaching plan  (complete beginners ) through to stage 6 of the national teaching plan, also bronze silver gold level and personal survival. 

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 3.30-6.30pm

Tuesday 3.30-7.30pm

Saturday 1.30 - 4.30pm 

Sunday 9:30 -12:30pm
Stages 1 of the national teaching plan (complete beginners) currently through to stage 5/6 of the National teaching plan, (100m + swimmers and capable of 3 good strokes).

Friday afternoon and Sunday morning Parent and Child classes.


All sessions are 30 minutes in duration and run 50 weeks of the year. All pupils will recieve 2 badges and certificates in this period as well as 2 holiday credits.


We also run a bonus scheme of a free  lesson for each pupil you recommend and who joins our lessons.



  • Classes £8 per session payable termly of 8 weeks.
  • Private lessons £25 per session 1 child.
  • Private lessons £35 per session 2 children.
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